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The London Corinthian Trust

a registered charity that promotes water sport and maintains Linden House

Linden House
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Linden House

The Work of The Trust

As a registered charity the Trust has several objectives, the two main ones being to promote water sport and to maintain historic buildings. Linden House is a Grade II listed historic building and is solely maintained by the Trust and its supporters. We are always grateful for donations from the public to further our work.

The Trust currently promotes rowing and sailing by providing boating stations, storage, changing rooms and social facilities to rowers and sailors. Community facilities (i.e. discounted room hire) are also provided to bona fide residents' groups and charity organisations.

The building is open to the public on a number of occasions each year as specific Open Days; however, if you want to see inside the building at any reasonable time during daylight hours we are more than happy to accommodate your request (please note that some areas may be unavailable due to operational reasons).

Two sports clubs are licensed to use the facilities namely: the London Corinthian Sailing Club and the Sons of the Thames Rowing Club. Each club pays a rent to the Trust called a 'capitation fee' to defray the cost of running and maintaining the facilities. The capitation fee is kept as low as possible to encourage people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate in rowing and sailing.

The clubs are solely responsible for the day to day running of their sporting activities, which take place within the facilities provided by the Trust. Similarly, the clubs are responsible for raising and spending their own funds, subject to payment to the Trust of the capitation fees.

Because a charity can only engage in a minimum of trading, it was necessary to set up a subsidiary to run the trading activities of the Trust, particularly the bar, catering and room hire operations. The Trust's trading subsidiary is called London Corinthian Services Limited. It pays to the Trust fees in return for a licence to use the building and operate the Trust's trading activities, with any profit surplus at the end of the year gifted to the Trust tax-free. Rooms are let on a commercial basis to local businesses and private individuals.

Ultimate control of the facilities is in the hands of the Trustees; they delegate some of their responsibilities to the Trust Management Committee, which consists of individuals appointed by the clubs. Income is used to maintain the facilities, pay administration costs and further the Trust's charitable objectives. The Trust is conscious of the need to ensure administration costs are kept under tight control. All Trustees and senior officers of the Trust Committees are volunteers and unremunerated. The Trust employs a General Manager and a small number of key personnel to oversee the facilities and subsidiary operations.

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